Takkan Gentar (Champions Never Give Up)

Client: The Moving Visuals Co.

Channel: ASTRO PRIMA (CH 105), MAYA HD (CH 35) and ASTRO ARENA (CH 801)

Full Production Support ( Joanna, Zabrina & Zena)

The 8-episodic series tells the true journey of a local football team, Ombak FC vying for victory on the field while learning first-hand the values that can only be learnt in sport. Takkan Gentar brings together professional mentors such as soccer legend, Santokh Singh, female MMA fighter, Ann Osman, celebrity trainer, Fatimah Bakar, former national gymnast, Saiful Razlan, and Malaysian cup winner, Nazzab Hidzan.

We were responsible for the overall logistics, local crew hiring, permits and budget of the production in Kuala Lumpur.